A New Year, A New Place

Moving cross country from Louisiana to Utah was not something we expected to do in 2018. But when God puts an amazing, unexpected opportunity in your path you can either choose to joyfully accept and be grateful or doubt and debate and let the opportunity pass you by. We chose to joyfully accept and be… Read More A New Year, A New Place


Forever New Orleans

I LOVE New Orleans. It is a city RICH in history, charm, elegance, and entertainment. Since I live in Louisiana I have the privilege of getting to visit New Orleans often and never run out of new things to see or favorite spots to visit again. 2018 is New Orleans 300th birthday and the city has… Read More Forever New Orleans


Why Wear Floral Prints?

I ADORE florals!! Springtime is the perfect time to wear floral prints. Well, actually any season is the perfect time for a floral print, in my opinion, but Springtime and a floral print just naturally go hand in hand. It is hard to resist all the fabulous floral prints that are available in stores and… Read More Why Wear Floral Prints?

Fashion, Spring

3 Spring Outfits I Love

Spring in the South is so gorgeous and warmer temps have me thinking about spring outfits. Now I like to look at the new season’s trends just as much as the next fashion lover, but the outfits I have fallen in love with so far for spring are not so much “on trend” as they are classic, effortless, and versatile. In… Read More 3 Spring Outfits I Love