Easy Updo Upgrades

Hair is not my area of expertise.  In fact, I am banned from using a flat iron or curling iron due to several “I burned myself again,” incidents. Thank goodness I have a fabulous stylist who has been doing my hair for 5 years now, and I don’t know what I would do without her, and have no clue what I did before her! Every week she does the washing, blow drying, flat ironing, and curling thus saving me from abusing my poor skin with hot hair tools!

But I do love watching all the YouTube videos showing you how to do cool stuff with, and to, your hair. Of course if I even attempt to do any of the amazing styles they are showing it never goes well and what they are saying sounds just about as complicated as someone explaining calculus to me and then asking me to attempt! Which, FYI, I would NEVER, EVER attempt!

When it comes to hair updos if it isn’t a ponytail or simple bun, it HAS TO BE an easy style I can actually do, and the directions have to be simple as well. Otherwise my eyes will start to glaze over and I start to get frustrated and “toddler tantrumey.” Which isn’t a good look for a 40 year old woman!

Since pretty much nobody wants to wear just a simple ponytail or bun all the time, (though I respect those updo classics immensely!), I had to find easy ways to incorporate versatility into my updo repertoire. Something sassy, classy, and fun. And easy. Did I mention I need it to be super easy??!!

These 3 Updo’s meet all my criteria and are great additions to your hair portfolio! (And they are EASY!!)

  1. The Side Braid – Directions: Comb or gather hair to side, braid.

YES, I KNOW! SO EASY, RIGHT?!!! I have some long layers that are too short to gather so I just clamp them in a tiny claw clip and call it a day.


2. The French Twist – Directions: Comb or gather hair into a side bun, twist the bun toward your ear, pin it like crazy, tuck the ends in and then pin those suckers down too!

Viola! A classy updo that even I can do!

3. The Curly Pony. Directions: Curl hair with hot rollers (you are using hot rollers because you are not allowed to use a curling iron remember?) Comb or gather hair into a high ponytail. Keep out a wisp for a Curly Q bang.

Now I know what you are thinking. “I thought you said something different than just a ponytail!” But this is a fancy, curly ponytail with a Curly Q bang so it is like the Mercedes of ponytails! I always get lots of compliments on this style. It must be the Curly Q bang! And I must admit I do feel pretty accomplished seeing all those big curls I made! Nobody needs to know that I did it with hot rollers! It will be our little secret!

Tip: If your hair is freshly washed hot rollers don’t work as well. Hair curls so much better when it is a bit dirty. Hey, don’t ask me why it does this,  I don’t make the hair rules! 🙂

So there you have it. My 3 Easy Updo Upgrades. Try them out! You and your hair portfolio can thank me later!!


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