Work Essentials

Some days I struggle with productivity. I would rather be doing about a bizillion other things than the tasks and projects I need to complete at work. Time management goes hand and hand with simplifying your life. It is one of the components that will make or break your plan to simplify and learn what your true priorities are.
There a hundreds of time management strategies, but I want to focus on 3 simple things you can do at the beginning of your work day. These strategies help me get in the “let’s do this” mindset, it encourages me to structure my day, and they put a smile on my face, which is the most important! It’s the simple things that make the most impact guys!!
3 Work Essentials to start your day:

1- Get a nice pen (or pens), and a journal, notebook, portfolio (whatever you prefer to call it) that you really love. For some reason a classy pen and a fun or sophisticated journal/portfolio automatically makes you feel productive. Just seeing them on your workspace makes that morning meeting that you know is going to be long and boring a bit more tolerable!

2- A beverage in a cup you love. Doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, water, tea, or some other beverage. Just make sure you put it in a cup that you love, that’s the important step! This brings a relaxed feel to the start of your morning. Even if you don’t get to sit down and savor the drink just seeing the cup will make you smile.

3- Make your daily “to-do” list and don’t get overwhelmed trying to put every single task on the list. Really try and focus on 3 things you absolutely know have to get done today. If you are feeling overwhelmed take the pressure off and just make a morning list. You can use your pen and journal, your phone, your computer, it really doesn’t matter just get at least 3 things on the list. This activity helps focus the mind and gets you in a proactive mindset instead of a reactive one first thing in the morning.

Try these “work essential” strategies and get more out of your mornings!

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