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Cold Shoulder Camouflage


There I said it! And yes, it is sad, but true. I have gained and lost a lot of weight over the years and as you get older skin just does not spring back like it use to!

(My weight loss journey is long and something I have to work up to sharing! Stay tuned! )

I can tell you that my weight loss journey has left me with pretty bad body dysmorphia and, like most women, areas of my body that I am SUPER self conscious and critical about.  My upper arms are one of those areas.  I obsess about it way too much and annoy my husband on the regular when I insist that he, “LOOK! Look at my bat wings! This is awful!” He re-assures me, I calm down, we go about our day, life is good. Well… that is until the next bwb, “bat wing breakdown”, occurs.

I am working on it, I really am! The older I get, the better it gets, and I am learning to love my body (all of it!) instead of constantly finding flaws every single day, which is exhausting by the way! I have also learned that nothing deflates your confidence quicker than not feeling good in what you are wearing. It really is true that if you feel good and comfortable in what you are wearing you exude more confidence. You hear people say, “dress for you body” all the time, but sometimes I find that I have to “dress for my mind” instead.  That is why I was so excited this spring and summer when I started seeing all the cold shoulder tops. Not only do I love the style, but they camouflage an area of my body I struggle having exposed all the time. And if my mind is calm and isn’t screaming, “people are looking at your bat wings!”, I can go about enjoying my day confidently and completely calm. Total WIN!

3 things to think about when shopping for cold shoulder tops:

1. Do you have a good strapless bra? Some cold shoulder tops have spaghetti or thin straps that, unless you want your bra showing, you need a strapless bra to wear. The top in the picture below is like that and I didn’t think about needing a strapless bra till after I bought it and went to wear it. So be mindful of that when you are looking at different cold shoulder styles.


2. How far down on your arm is the sleeve going to hit you? I had to try a lot of the cold shoulder tops on and make sure they actually covered my upper arms. Some of them had short, almost sleeveless arms. I personally did not want that, so make sure that if you care about that detail you try it on instead of being disappointed when you get home.


3. Where are you going to wear it? I have a few cold shoulder tops in my closet and a couple I have worn to work with a skirt, or on a casual Friday, or put a sweater on, and it was fine for my office. Think about your lifestyle and environment. Do you work somewhere this would be approved office attire? Will it be a casual/weekend shirt? Is it too fancy? Not fancy enough? Keep these questions in mind when you are cold shoulder shopping.


Someday I probably won’t even care about my upper arms anymore. Or maybe I will get them worked on and that will soothe my mind. Who knows! But until then I am happy to wear my cold shoulder tops and kiss my bwb’s (bat wing breakdown) goodbye!

4 thoughts on “Cold Shoulder Camouflage

  1. Great article Chaundra. I love cold shoulder tops too. They show my shoulders, which still look pretty good, while hiding my 64 year old flabby upper arms. Isn’t it sad that women struggle so much with body image. You look fabulous in all 3 tops pictured. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Kim, I like my shoulders too its those pesky upper arms I don’t like!! It is sad that we spend so much time on hating how certain areas on our body look! I try really hard to keep a positive dialogue going in my head about my body and then BAM!! I see something I don’t like and negative city takes over! Thank you so much for your comment and kind words! I really think women supporting women is so important, helps to know we all struggle regardless of our age!

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