Jumpsuit Journey

I often go to my favorite department stores and just look around. Very seldom do I actually buy anything on these trips as I like to think of them more as retail reconnaissance.  I get an idea of what is coming out for the season, what I like, and I then begin to formulate a strategy of how I can get it at the best price! So a few months ago,as Spring approached, I made my usual trip to Dillards to check out the new clothing contenders.  As I was purusing the Gianni Binni section I happened upon the most beautiful black jumpsuit, and I am going to admit, it was love at first sight! The jumpsuit and I had an instant connection so I reached for it, BUT….then I remembered, I had bought a jumpsuit before and I never really wore it and I swore I would never buy something so useless again! But this one was different…. In the dressing room it promised that if I would just give it a chance I would see how versatile it could be…..

Well, I gave in (and paid full price!) and months later jumpsuit and I couldn’t be happier! It really is a very versatile piece and a good change if you want something different than the Little Black Dress. I have worn it to casual events, business events, and a formal event.  It did beautifully on all occasions and I got lots of compliments, which always makes you feel good about your style choices!

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a jumpsuit so it won’t just hang in your closet.

  1. Fit– TRY IT ON!! It may take a few brands and styles of jumpsuit to find one best suited for your body type.  I am tall so I automatically know some jumpsuits are going to be too short in the torso for me or not long enough.
  2. Color– Get the jumpsuit in a solid color to maximize it’s versatility.  If you want to be able to wear it multiple times, on multiple occasions, a solid color is the best choice.
  3. Style– Fitted or more flowy? Wide leg or Tapered? Off the Shoulder? Sleeveless? Full sleeves? Have an idea of what style you will feel most confident in and what fits your body the best.  I will probably never feel comfortable in a fitted jumpsuit so I stay away from even trying those on.                    

Go ahead and try a jumpsuit, even if you have been burned before!

It really has become a versatile addition to my closet and a reliable clothing bestie!


CASUAL– At the movies


BUSINESS– At a work event


FORMAL– At the Opera


Gianni Bini jumpsuit: I paid $119, but it is on sale for $71!

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