Say YES! to the Casual Knit Dress

August is upon us and it is one of those months that can easily become overwhelming with all the back to school errands, events, and planning.  Even if you don’t have kids going back to school August seems to be a planning month for everyone. Businesses plan and evaluate for the last quarter of the year. We plan what fall fashion purchases we want to add to our closet. We look back on the summer, and the year, wondering where the year went and, “How is it already August?! The summer flew by!” Then there are all those end of the summer parties and BBQ’s that abound. Honestly some days, especially in busy months like August, the last thing on my mind is being totally fashion forward and on trend for the day. I am more concerned with getting my “To-Do List” completed and if I could do it with a bun and in my jammies I would! But alas, my job frowns upon showing up in your jammies, as do most places I need to go, so that is when I turn to the next best comfortable stylish alternative. The casual knit dress! I adore a good knit dress! It is such a great addition to your wardrobe and I think it is a closet staple of the highest order! It is easy and comfortable, yet still stylish. Whether you like solids or prints, mini or maxi, sleeves or sleeveless, there is a casual knit dress out there for just about everyone! Two of my “Is this a closet staple?” criteria is that it has to be comfy and versatile. If I can put it on and be comfortable in it AND it can be worn for a variety of different occasions then, in my opinion, it is a must have!

3 things to look for when buying a casual knit dress:

1. Do not get it too tight or too loose. Unless you are going for the body-con knit dress look (save that for date night!) you don’t want it to be so tight that you have to constantly pull it down or feel self conscious in it. Too loose and it can look like you are wearing a sack. Remember you want easy and comfortable style!

2. Think about your accessory wardrobe and how you might style it.  We all know accessories can do wonders for an outfit. One of the great things about a simple knit dress is that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Now, I doubt you can dress it up enough to go to the opera or a formal event (more power to you if you can, and please share if you have done this!), but you can add a statement necklace, heels, great bag, or a blazer to jazz it up a bit for work or a casual party, or put on sneakers, studs, and a cross body bag to run errands. Think about what accessories you have as you are shopping for a knit dress. It can help narrow down your choices a bit when deciding what color or print you will get the most wear out of.


3. What is the fabric like? Is it wash and wear material? If the whole goal is to have a few dresses that are easy, comfortable and versatile, why ruin the ease by buying one that has to have special laundering? I like sumptuous “dry clean only” or “hand wash” fabric sometimes too, but not in my casual knit dresses. No way! If it can’t go in the washer, get thrown in the dryer, and extra ironing basically means throwing it back in the dryer then, sorry! you are not the casual knit dress for me! Be mindful of the fabric and laundry instructions when shopping for this kind of dress.  


If you are like me in August and have a lot going on, but still want to look put together and effortlessly stylish get yourself a few good casual knit dresses. One in a solid color, one in classic stripes, and one in a print will give you endless easy, comfortable, versatile options that you can throw on and go. Trust me, you will wish you had added them to your closet years ago! At least I do!



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