Add You to Your “To Do” List

Sometimes we get so focused on our “To Do” list that we forget to add something of vital importance to it….. OURSELVES!

I have learned tons in my 40+ years. One of the best, and hardest, things I have learned is that you HAVE TO make time for yourself and see yourself as a priority or you will have absolutely nothing to give anyone else! Some people often struggle with this concept because they feel that if they admit they need a little “me” time it will make them look selfish or weak. Oh contrair mofrair!! It is actually the opposite! Being able to set boundaries for yourself, and enforce them, is one of the most powerful things you can do. If you don’t set boundaries, enforce them, and let people know you have them can you really expect someone to honor them? I have found that most people, including children, learn very quickly and are actually happy, to honor your “me time” boundaries once they understand what that means and entails.  It doesn’t have to be days or weeks of time that you set aside for you. Nor do you need to go on a long vacation to reap “me time” benefits. (though I am all for long vacations!!) In fact focused, simple things can be super impactful if done consistently. Here are 3 things you can add to your “To Do” list right now that are just for you!

1. TO DO: Go to your favorite beauty store (Sephora, Ulta, etc) and try on some of the fabulous fall lip colors.  The change of seasons is a great time to try a new lip color! Fall is a great time to try a darker color. I always love a deep burgundy or wine colored lip for fall. (check out the Fall Finds bar on the home page for a link to my new fave!) You can have so much fun sampling all the new lip colors and brands. It is like being in a candy store without any calories!!


2. TO DO: Shop for a new fall fashion trend you want to try. It is so much fun to take a couple of hours and go try on some of the new season’s fashion trends.  I always end up loving a few trends I thought I would hate, and disliking a few I thought I would absolutely love when I saw it on someone else.  Not sure what the new season’s trends are? You can browse Instagram or Pinterest and/or check out some of the amazing fashion blogs online for all kinds of style and trend inspiration.  I just love the ruffles and tiered sleeve trend so I knew I wanted to try that this fall and have had a great time shopping all the gorgeous ruffled looks. (link to this gorgeous top, jeans, and booties in the Fall Finds bar on the home page or on my Instagram!)


3. TO DO: Put on a cute outfit and take yourself out for a coffee date. Yes, ALONE! I can not tell you how luxurious and sophisticated this will make you feel!! Seriously! And no, it doesn’t have to be coffee. You can get tea, juice, or whatever beverage you would like. If a coffee shop is too awkward for you to go to alone then go to a bookstore with a coffee shop. Order your beverage in a REAL CERAMIC CUP, not a to-go cup, and then find a spot and just chill. Grab a magazine and browse it, read a book, scan your social media at leisure, journal, or just sit, think, and people watch!! A good hour coffee date with yourself can work wonders for your mind! Or at least it does for me! Doing something so simple may seem silly, but our lives are so hurried and busy that we really miss out if we don’t stop and enjoy our own company and sip coffee out of a real cup sometimes!! I mean don’t you work hard so that you have the means and ability to enjoy moments like this? Then make yourself a priority and do it!!



Adding yourself to your “To Do” list is an important skill to add to your Mental Health arsenal! Don’t wait until you have put yourself last so many times that you have nothing to give. Add some “me time” boundaries into your life and then make it a priority to enforce them. Just remember, you pour out what you are full of. Just food for thought!

 Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Stay fabulous! xoxo

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