Velvet Crush

Ah…. I remember it like it was yesterday…. Let me set the stage for you. Homecoming dress shopping early 1990’s. Like most teenage girls I dreamed of finding the perfect dress that would not only make me look cool, but also stand out enough that Mike (or insert whatever your high school crush’s name was) would make me his girlfriend! My friends and I had been through all the teen fashion mags and watched all the current 90210 episodes to see what Kelly, Donna, and Brenda were wearing. I was not optimistic that I would find something I loved and definitely not on the first attempt to the mall. So imagine my surprise when the first dress I saw in the local department store was a velvet beauty complete with puffy shoulders and in all black! SOLD!!! It fit me perfectly and I felt like a million bucks in it, plus stroking the velvet soothed me…. mmmm… so soft…. Ok, I digress… So needless to say I got the dress, looked fabulous at the dance (even though Mike didn’t make me his girlfriend!) had a great time, and velvet become my new favorite fabric! Which was great, for all of about 1 year before it went out of style and the fashion world forgot about how amazing velvet was…. UNTIL NOW! Velvet is finally making a strong comeback this fall and I couldn’t be happier! If I still had my velvet homecoming dress you best believe I would be breaking it out and wearing it! Though I will not be going as velvet crazy as I did back in the early 90’s buying velvet everything, I am definitely excited to introduce it into my wardrobe again. Velvet is a very luxurious fabric that can be stunning and intimidating all at the same time. It has a richness and texture about it that can make even the most simple outfit seem fancy. It is one of those trends that just a little touch of it goes a long way.  Give this trend a try this Fall and I bet you develop a Velvet Crush too!

3 ways I will be sporting velvet this Fall:

1. Velvet Slip Dress: A slip dress is an easy wardrobe addition. It can be worn alone or you can easily throw a blazer, a sweater, or any other kind of jacket on top of it and completely change the look.  The velvet slip dress I am wearing is affordable and high quality. If you want to try the velvet trend this fall I absolutely recommend picking up a simple velvet dress that will give you tons of styling options!


2. Velvet Bag: Adding a bag to your accessory wardrobe in the style and trend you want to try is a good way to test it out.  You can “get a little taste” and then decide if you love it, hate it, or just find it “meh.” Only adding a bag gives you all the benefits of trying the trend without any real risks. You can still get credit for being fashion forward and trendy without being uncomfortable or investing a ton of money in something you just feel ho-hum about.

3. Velvet Camisole- This is another piece that is super versatile and can be worn alone while it is still warm or under an array of different blazers, sweaters, or coats.  A velvet camisole is a great staple that you can dress down or glam up. The one pictured below is 40% off! Which makes it a great way to try the velvet trend without investing too much on a piece that may not be around next year!

I am so excited to see the velvet trend make its way back into fashion rotation and will be happily sporting the soft supple material till it goes out of style again (and even then I may still wear it! who is going to stop me?!) Go ahead feel luxurious and a bit nostalgic this Fall and give velvet a try.  Incorporate one of the velvet pieces from above or find another piece that fits your style and wardrobe. You will feel totally fashion forward and develop a velvet crush of your own! Promise!!

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