Easy Ways to Transition from Casual to Work Ready

I often go from work to personal function and vice versa many times during the week.  It is pretty much impossible for me to go home and do a complete wardrobe change in order to transition from one function to another.  And even if I did have time to do that I can guarantee you that it would not last long because that is just too much work!! I like to keep things as effortless and easy as possible! Enter the trifecta of transitional pieces…. blazer, shoes, accessories! So simple, so effective, so stylish!

Check out these 3 outfits. Just by adding a blazer, changing my shoes, and adding some great accessories I was able to go from running errands and coffee to strategy meeting.

Love my suede Pumas! They make transitioning from work to casual easy!


Throwing on a cute blazer and adding a dressier shoe change the whole vibe and intent of the look effortlessly!

A red blazer and a pair of great booties are must haves!

We all know great accessories can change an outfit with ease. This trio of amazing of accessories made me meeting ready in seconds. These great pieces are from my Rocksbox jewelry subscription set this month! Read my review of Rocksbox here. It is like having an unlimited jewelry box and has really stepped up my accessory game! Check it out! You will love it!

A trio of great accessories dress up any outfit!

It almost seems too easy doesn’t it!? Using these simple tips has allowed me to multi-task and manage my time so much better! Which means I have less stress and more time for doing things I love, like time to grab a cup of coffee and sit and enjoy it!!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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