Favorite Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

I tend to like classic pieces that are effortless and have a feminine feel.  I have never been one to spend tons of money on the new seasonal fashion trends that I do not really like and will not wear after a few months.  What I do like to do though is to see what the new trends are and then pick a few to infuse into my closet that fit my style and budget. This is a fun and affordable way to keep your style fresh and fun!

My top 3 favorite Fall 2017 trends:

1- VELVET: I did a whole post on my love of velvet here. This is one of my favorite Fall 2017 trends. It is such a luxe fabric and a little goes a long way so even an accessory, like a small bag or some great flats, are fun to try. If you are like me and love velvet you can get a bit more daring and try a dress or shirt in this beautiful fabric. Check out my post “Velvet Crush” if you want a few more velvet loving ideas!

This velvet slip dress and the velvet bag are versatile and fun!

2- RED: I love red! It is one of my favorite colors to wear. So classic, yet wearing all red packs a power punch! I will wear an all red dress and red lip in a second! This season I am really hoping to find, and try, an all red top and bottom look.  Maybe a nice pants suit or red colored jeans and a blazer. I have not decided yet but red is definitely on my, “wear more of”, this fall.

Red & Lace! What’s not to love?

3-RUFFLES & TIERED SLEEVES: Clothing with a feminine detail gets me every time! The ruffles and tiered sleeve trend this fall was a, “oh, I will be trying that!”, moment as soon as I saw it.  I like the way ruffles move and how they give you that extra flirty something on an otherwise plain shirt. Tiered sleeves are a great way to add structure to an outfit in a stylish, playful, effortless way.  AND, maybe it is just me, but it makes me feel very “princess” like!

Ruffles just add that something extra!


Tiered sleeves add structure effortlessly

These are great trends to infuse into your closet this Fall and pieces you will be able to wear again and again!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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