TULA Probiotic Skincare

I think everyone, whether you are 20, 40, or 60+, can agree that skincare is important. It is not, however, always easy.  Figuring out your skin type, what products work best for you; are they too strong, not strong enough? Are they safe? What’s in them? Do I need ALL of those products? That cream is how much?!! The list of questions and concerns can be long and overwhelming!

I love when I come across a skincare line that makes things easy! It has ingredients I am familiar with, and enough products that I can tailor it to my needs, but not so many that I am totally overwhelmed by the choices, and it IS AFFORDABLE! A few months ago I came across just such a skincare line and have been using their products for about 2 months and am THRILLED with the product and my skin!

TULA combines probiotics with superfoods to make their products! It is the first to use probiotic technology in a topical skincare line.  Most of us know the benefits of taking probiotics; healthy digestion, boosts immune system functions, prevent and treat urinary tract infections, helps with eczema. So imagine being able to infuse all that restorative, preventative, and healing into a skincare line!!

Purifying Face Cleanser, Hydrating Day & Night Cream, Revitalizing Eye Cream, Exfoliating Treatment Mask

I have tried 4 of their products and I have less redness, less hormone breakouts (UGHHHH!!), a decrease in some of the fine lines around my eyes and mouth, and my pores are smaller!! And as a bonus it smells incredible! I was having a lot of problems with breakouts on my chin due to my ever changing hormone levels and tried so many different products. Most dried my skin out really bad or just flat out did nothing. Tula is the only thing that has actually worked! They just introduced a new Kefir collection that sounds amazing and is supposed to hydrate your skin with 4 strains of probiotics!! They have a neck cream that I really want to try, but it is always sold out!!!

We all know how important skincare is, especially as we age! If you are looking for a skincare line with carefully curated, clean, clinically-proven, high-quality ingredients that are safe, effective, AND affordable you absolutely must try TULA!!

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I love TULA and you will too!!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Stay fabulous! xoxo

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