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3 Easy Things To Do This Weekend

We all love the weekend! So many things to do, so many plans, we try to stuff as much as we can in those precious 48 hours! But sometimes you just want to spend a weekend doing something easy, relaxed, and no fuss. No schedules or “to-do” lists, no extravagant plans for a weekend road trip. Just quiet, easy fun that we don’t have to overthink or over plan for. I love these kind of weekends and schedule them at least once a month and am trying to up that to twice a month! It is really important to have mental down time, and I mean make it a priority and then DO IT important! Schedule some “no fuss” weekends into your month and I promise your weekend brain will thank you come Monday morning!

3 “No Fuss” weekend activities:

1- Coffee and fancy donuts. Nothing says weekend like donuts! And the fancy donut craze is everywhere, so give in and support your local fancy donut shop! I love seeing what new creations they have and then leisurely eating and critiquing it like I am giving out Michelin stars!

2- Stroll around your downtown. If you live in a big city and want a more quiet, relaxed vibe go to a nearby smaller city or suburb. It is amazing what you see in a downtown area on the weekend. It isn’t as crowded and you can walk around and actually SEE things instead of just trying to find a parking space! Most downtowns have some amazing architecture and old buildings or green spaces that are pretty much empty on the weekends.  Sometimes you find the best little café or shop that you never knew existed. You never know what you might find when you go exploring a downtown!!


3- Visit your Public Library. YES! I am serious. People underestimate what their local public library has to offer. Now, I am a bit biased since I am a Librarian, but I am telling you most people have no clue what their public library has to offer. I am always amazed at the services, programs, and materials my library offers and I work there!! Many cities have beautiful public libraries that offer so many great FREE programs that you could stay busy all month long! Many also have gorgeous green spaces and outdoor spaces that rival any park. Do yourself a favor and check out your public libraries. You may be surprised at what you find and wishing you had discovered it sooner!

East Baton Rouge Public Library


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