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My husband and I are Hilton Honors members (which I highly recommend joining!) and we usually stay at our beloved Hampton Inns, which we have yet to encounter a bad stay at, BUT occasionally we splurge and stay at a luxury hotel, which I love to do! When we knew we would be going to Beijing, China for 2 weeks the first thing I did was check my Hilton app to see what hotels they had in Beijing.  I was thrilled to find out that they had a Waldorf Astoria since this is one of my favorite luxury hotel brands to stay at.  I live in Louisiana and New Orleans has a beautiful Waldorf hotel called “The Roosevelt” that we have had many lovely long weekend stays at! Booking a week at the Waldorf Beijing turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip and though, yes, it was more than a Hampton Inn it was not so high that we had to decide which days we weren’t going to eat in order to afford it!

Here are 3 tips you can use to get the best price if you want to splurge on a luxury hotel for your next vacation or weekend getaway.


1- Decide on a hotel and start routinely checking the price. It is best to start as early as you can and narrow it down to one or 2 hotels that you want to stay at. Then, start checking the prices for the time period you are going to be there.  I started about 4 months before our trip and would once or twice a week check the prices for my dates. I got an idea of the high, average, and low room rate.  This way I had an idea of what an amazing price per night would be. When the hotel ran a “summer sale”, if you purchased right then, we were able to get the room for 1/2 the price of a normal nightly stay. If I had not been checking my dates and the prices I would have missed this great opportunity. We had to book and pay 3 months before our trip but we got a $400+ per night room for a little over $200 per night! Well worth it!



2- Join the Reward Program for the Hotel. We like Hilton Hotels so we joined their reward program and we always try to stay at Hilton Hotels when we travel. Since these reward systems are set up to give you incentives to come back, the more you use them the more benefits you get. You also get advance notices of sales, or special offers they may be running. We were able to get an even better price when we booked the “summer sale” our hotel was running through the Hilton app, plus we got some extra points for booking in the app. And points add up! We have gotten several free nights from the points we have accumulated over the years and it is always great to check out and the bill is ZERO!!! Join whatever reward program for whichever hotel chain you like. We use Hilton because we like their service and hotels. The key is to signup and then try to stick to those chains when you travel. Occasionally you run across a hotel that is not part of a chain, but you should always ask if they have a rewards program and sign up for it, if it is free. They may send out emails alerting members to special prices or discounts for the restaurants or services, like the spa or gift shop. One of my favorite hotels in New Orleans is not a chain hotel but I am a member of their rewards program and I have gotten some great deals that I would not have known about it I was not enrolled in the program.


3- Email the hotel or concierge service and ask for an upgrade or service for free or at a discount. I emailed the Waldorf Beijing, with the address I got off their website, and let them know I had a website and Instagram and would love to collaborate with them while I was visiting. I told them that I would be happy to share their hotel or a service they provided on my site and social media, if they would comp or discount it. They upgraded us to an amazing premier king corner room (complete with floor to ceiling windows and jaw dropping views) and discounted their famous breakfast and brunch for us. All because I emailed and offered a collaboration!  And don’t think that you can not do the same if you do not have a website or social media account. Do you travel often and give recommendations to your friends and family? Could you recommend this hotel to business colleagues? Do you belong to any associations or professional groups that you could recommend this hotel as a conference site? Hotels want positive reviews that encourage people to stay with them and not the competitor down the street. Think about ways you can help them do this and then do not be afraid to ask for something in return. All they can say is “No.”

Try these tips and share any others you may have. I love to try out new tips! Happy Luxury Hoteling!


Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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