Dressy, Casual, Comfy Thanksgiving Outfits

We all celebrate Thanksgiving differently. Some people have dressy get-togethers, some opt for a more business casual vibe, while other people keep it super laid back. I have been to all 3 types of Thanksgiving functions and want to share some easy outfits so that you can look fabulous while enjoying all your Thanksgiving favorites!

Dressy, Casual, Comfy Thanksgiving Outfits 

1- Dressy. If you will be attending Thanksgiving festivities that call for a dressy look chances are your first question is, “What can I wear that is dressy yet still comfortable?” and second “What can I wear that will be forgiving when I eat too much?” Enter a fun A-line dress and boots. You can not go wrong with this combo. Whatever your style you can find an A-line dress that will meet your needs. This year there are so many gorgeous velvet dresses(my exact dress here), and pairing it with some great over the knee boots make a perfect dressy Thanksgiving outfit. You will be comfortable, the outfit is forgiving if you eat a bit too much, and you will look super stylish!

This velvet dress & OTK boots is a perfect combo!

2- Casual. You can NEVER go wrong with the classics. Jeans and a sweater are the ultimate fall casual look. I am a sucker for a comfy sweater and jeans. If you want to spice up this classic look add a sweater with “something extra” and a trendy pair of shoes. I am loving the ruffle trend this fall so I am always looking  for a chance to wear my ruffled sleeve sweater. I am also really liking all the gorgeous and unique slides available this season. I found a pair of metallic embroidered ones in New Orleans at The Elizabeth Chronicles that I AM IN LOVE WITH!!! They add some pizzazz to my feet! Adding the ruffled sweater and the fancy slides give my classic casual look a real style boost!

The ultimate fall classic, sweater & jeans.

IN LOVE with these metallic embroidered slides!

3- Comfy. This is one of my favorite ways to spend Thanksgiving, well actually it is my favorite way to spend every day!! 🙂 If your Thanksgiving function will be super laid back and chill break out the leggings and an over sized plaid button down! When we spend Thanksgiving in super comfy mode I love lounging around watching football with the guys, lounging on the couch chatting, and leisurely eating 2, 3, 4….. times (I call that “grazing”) A pair of comfy leggings and an over sized button down and I am good to go!! Comfy and cute since you never know who is going to be snapping pictures or making videos!

Comfy & Cute!


Whichever type of Thanksgiving you are attending may it be filled with happiness, gratitude, and love!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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