Seeing Stripes

I love the classic look of stripes! They can be styled elegant and classy or fun and sassy. The fall and winter season is a great time to experiment and have fun styling and wearing stripes in different ways. This time of year we often wear layers, especially in the South since one day it may be 80 degrees and the next day 55! Since you can find stripes in almost every type of clothing; sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, scarves, pants, coats, blouses, etc. it makes it a very easy pattern to layer and incorporate into all kinds of outfits. A basic striped t-shirt you wore this summer can be layered with a sweater or cardigan for the winter. A simple striped knit dress looks great with a fun sweater vest and booties. I plan on trying stripes on stripes this winter! Maybe a basic striped blouse with a colorful striped scarf??? Stripes make an excellent pattern to play with and mix and match with other patterns. Will you be seeing stripes this winter??

Here are 3 of my favorite striped looks that I will be wearing this fall and winter:

This colorful striped sweater is so cute & fun!

I love a good striped knit dress! So versatile!

A striped long sleeve t-shirt is a timeless staple!

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