Statement Boots Styled 3 Ways

A pair of statement boots is a must have for the Fall/Winter season. (See the other must have boots you need here!)

What often becomes tricky though is how to style your statement boots. We all want to get the most wear out of the things we buy. I want options and versatility! I am not likely to buy something if I think I will only wear it once or twice. And I also want to be able to style it different ways. Styling my statement boots really forced me to get outside my style comfort zone and try things that I would usually not gravitate to and wear. I knew I wanted a pair of “blingy” statement boots, but I also knew if I wanted to get my money’s worth out of them I would need to be able to wear them with more than just “fancy outfits.” I also knew that would push me to be more daring in my style and try a more trendy approach when styling my statement boots. Who knew a pair of booties could expand my mind!?

Statement Boots Styled 3 Ways:

1- Slip dress with a shirt underneath. This trend is all over the place and every time I see it I think, “That’s cute!”, but I never thought I would be the one wearing it. It seemed too trendy for me to test drive, but my statement boots gave me the courage and a good reason to give it a whirl. I had the perfect velvet slip dress already hanging in my closet (read about my velvet crush here) and a simple black long sleeve tee plus the perfect boots to pair it with. I really had no excuse not to test it out! Now, I doubt I will be filling my closet with slip dresses and turtlenecks! However, I did have fun trying out this super trendy look and it gave me a boost of confidence wearing it out and about. I got a lot of compliments on the outfit, which eased the feeling of thinking I looked horrible and way too old to be wearing it. It was a good reminder to not be so critical of myself and if I liked a trendy style I should give it a try and have fun with it!

Trendy & Feminine

2- Polka dots and stripes. I have been working on my pattern and print mixing game this year. I have always been a match-y, match-y kind of girl so I had to really practice putting outfits together that had different prints. I am nowhere near an expert at it and I still do not have a good eye for it the way some people do. I love polka dots and I love stripes so I thought about mixing the 2 and adding my statement boots immediately. They give the outfit an edgy vibe, which is something else that I love seeing but am not so good executing myself! A pleated skirt makes a good match for booties and I have a few other printed skirts in mind to wear with my statement booties this season as well.

Polka Dots & Stripes. A match made in heaven!

3- Luxe casual. A utility jacket is a great piece to have. It handles all ranges of casual with ease! It is the perfect base to add some great details like an amazing belt, bag, and statement boots. I knew an all black look would be happening when I bought my boots, but I got a bonus outfit by adding the utility jacket. It gave me another great trendy style element and yet another way to wear my statement boots!

Luxe casual!

Get you a pair of statement boots and see how many ways you can style them this season. You may surprise yourself at how creative and style savvy you can be!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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