Sweaters for the Holidays

Can you believe that it is November already!? The year is almost over and that means holiday festivities and cooler weather. November and December bring about lots of fun things to do, various get togethers, and family functions. I find that I can easily get overwhelmed during this time of year if I am not careful!  One thing that helps is not stressing about what I am going to wear to a holiday function! I like knowing I can look and feel great in whatever activity or event I need to attend so during the holiday season I make sure I always have my 3 “go to” sweaters! Having them in your closet gives you unlimited options, but makes looking great effortless and stress free!!

3 Go To Sweaters for the Holidays:

1- The classic cable knit sweater. This one has been around and will be around probably forever. It never goes out of style. Pair it with jeans, leggings, or a skirt and you look effortlessly stylish and you have the bonus of being cozy and comfortable!

This cable knit from L.L Bean is perfect to dress up or down!


2- The long cardigan. Super chic and versatile you can wear it over basically anything! It can also double as a light weight jacket in case you need extra layers. I have been able to turn many of my spring and summer dresses into wearable fall and winter pieces by adding a long cardigan, tights, and boots. There is something about a long cardigan that just looks so chic and sophisticated regardless of what you pair it with. Jeans, leggings, heck, even shorts look elegant if you throw on a long cardi!! This makes those events that you are just not sure if you should wear dressy or casual so easy to dress for because a long cardi can go both ways. When in doubt wear basic pieces like black top and pants or dress and throw a long cardigan over it. It makes you look elegant and dressy, but effortless and laid back at the same time! Its like a magic cloak!!

This long cardi adds instant elegance with ease.


3- The embellished sweater.  Nothing says holiday party like clothing with “something extra.” Whether that is sequins, rhinestones, candy cane patches, or ruffles we all like pieces with a little flair during the holiday season. Adding an embellished sweater, or sweater with something extra, to your closet allows you to have fun, be festive, and be comfortable too. We all have those parties or events that call for a dressier holiday look, but we do not want to spend the evening in a cocktail dress and heels. (save that for New Year’s Eve!) An embellished sweater is a great choice when the event calls for something dressier, but you want to stay comfortable as well. This is one of my favorite holiday items to shop for. I love seeing all the gorgeous sweaters with all the added embellishments. Last year I picked rhinestones on a beautiful heather grey sweater. This year I am loving all the ruffles so I found a black sweater with gorgeous ruffled arms! Have fun with this one and let your personality and personal style shine when you pick your embellished sweater! You will love wearing it to all your fancier holiday functions. Or if your like me, ANY function is an excuse to wear it!!

This ruffle sweater is the one for me this season!



Happy Holiday sweater shopping!! 

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