Perfect Gift for the Hard to Buy for Person on Your List

Every year I struggle with what to get my husband for Christmas. He is a technology lover, and I mean the kind of technology that is way out of my gift budget most years! So what do you get the hard to buy for person on your list besides cash or a random gift card? This year I am giving┬ámy husband what I call the, “My Favorite Things” gift collection. Sounds fancy right!? It is made up of all his favorite things that I know he will love and use.

I included gifts from 4 areas in the collection. Thoughtful gift cards to places he loves, a body/grooming gift, style gift, and something he currently needs.



Thoughtful gift cards: I purchased 4 gift cards to places I knew my husband would love and would use. Gift cards 1 and 2 were to eating places. He loves steak so I got him a gift card to his favorite steak restaurant and also one to his favorite fast food place. The 3rd was a gift card to his favorite store that he can either save and put towards something expensive he wants later, or he can get a little something he may want now. The 4th and final gift card was to the movies. We are big movie lovers so I know this gift will be greatly appreciated and he can get as much popcorn as he wants!




Body/Grooming Gifts: My husband would probably never buy himself cologne, but does love to wear it and I love to smell him wearing it! This is a fun gift to shop for since you get to try and match the cologne with your guys personality. I ended up getting a classic fragrance that came in a gift set with body wash and a travel bottle of cologne.




Style Gifts: My man has to wear a shirt and tie to work every day and he loves ties! I always have a good time picking out a tie for him and he never gets tired of getting them as gifts! I also picked out a pair of cuff-links and socks I knew he would love that matched the tie. Whatever style your guy likes you should be able to find a couple of pieces of clothing he will love. When in doubt get him sport or hobby themed clothing! For example, a jersey, his favorite team t-shirt, a comfortable, breathable shirt he can fish in, a thermal shirt to go under his ski gear.






Something He Currently Needs: What is something he needs and can use right now? My husband needs slippers. His are falling apart and he keeps complaining about them, but I know he won’t be going out to buy a replacement set anytime soon. Boom! Perfect gift for this category! He needs them, he will use them, and he will appreciate that I heard his complaint and met his need! Win, Win gift for both of us!!



This is a great way to get gifts for the hard to buy for person in your life! A collection of their favorite things shows them how much you know and love them! They will love all the thought and effort you put into gathering all these gifts and seeing someone really enjoy the gifts you get them and that big smile on their face when they open it is what we all love isn’t it!?


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