Cultivating Joy

I often suffer from what I call feeling “blah.” Today I think they call it feeling “meh.” You feel unmotivated, unfocused, and uninterested. Definitely not joy filled at all! Man I HATE this feeling! Even though I know these days (or sometimes weeks) are going to come around they always leave me feeling like a total failure because I think, “Why do I have to feel like this? Why can’t you get past this? Something is wrong with you!”

It is at that point, with that condemning sentence playing over and over in my head that I remember this:

“Be joyful in hope…” -Romans 12:12

Now I know many people read that and think “OK, a bible verse. How cliche.” At first glance, I was the same way, dismissive that any scripture could actually lend any kind of help to my situation in the moments I really needed it. And then I stopped just taking “first glances.”  I actually started to learn, study, and allow the spirit to lead me to truths these words held instead of so easily dismissing them as religious cliches.

Something as simple as “be joyful in hope” holds so much meaning and contains useful principles for our every day life.

I know that this scripture points to my ultimate hope, which lies in what Jesus did on the cross and that I can be joyful that one day I will spend eternity with him. But, that hope I have in Jesus that allows me to be joyful about eternity is something I cultivate in my spirit daily. The same has to be done in our every day lives and in those moments of “meh”.  Joy is not promised, it is cultivated. When you cultivate something you acquire and develop it. Farmers do not just plant seed, they cultivate the land first. They prepare it over and over, every time they use it. I absolutely know that my “blah, meh” moments are going to surface, but I have learned to cultivate joy during those times, hoping and expecting that these feelings are actually there to help me learn how to cultivate joy that I would not otherwise acquire or develop.

Cultivating joy when you are feeling “blah” is definitely a process.  These feelings are not something I will ever just get past or outgrow. It is not there to punish me or make me feel like a failure. These moments are there to help me learn to cultivate joy and hope in moments of uncertainty even when my emotions are screaming “I don’t feel like it.” It is not about perfection, it is about persistence and progress. Be patient with yourself!

These 3 things are good simple starting points to begin cultivating joy when the “blahs” hit.

1-Encourage someone else: No matter how I feel building someone else up ALWAYS makes me feel good!

2-Take time to do a simple activity you enjoy: I love to read, so I read! If you love to garden, then garden. Love movies, watch one! Just do something you enjoy, no excuses as to why you can not. It does not have to be for hours, even 20/30 minutes will make a huge difference.

3- JUST BE STILL & QUIET: I know this one is hard. We are all so busy and it seems like everyone and everything demand our time. But, being still and quiet invites peace and taking a moment to just “be” allows your mind to accept and register feelings of joy. Don’t discount the power of being still and quiet, it is a powerful tool when cultivating joy!

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2 thoughts on “Cultivating Joy

  1. Great post! It’s easy to get off track when we don’t focus on the end goal and a lot of times we forget that it is the journey that counts. I love how you tied in cultivating into our every day life because we do have to do similar things in order to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Btw, love your outfit. Classy yet edgy!

    Maureen |

    1. Thanks Maureen! I really appreciate your comment and totally agree! I try to remind myself to enjoy the journey and the process because that is what creates joy!

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