This time of year everyone is making their resolutions for 2018 and deciding what they want to accomplish in the new year. Including me. I have plenty of goals I want to see happen this year. I have also spent some time thinking about what I did in 2017 that I really do not want to repeat in 2018. Now I know the new year is for looking ahead and not looking back, but I think sometimes it is important to reflect back and make some “DO NOT REPEAT” resolutions! These are my top 3 DO NOT REPEAT’s for 2018:

1. Doing something so hard at the beginning of the year you are burnt out by June. Last year I went all in on my fitness goals. I mean I was a beast. Up at 5:30 am, to the gym by 6 am, lift heavy weights, back at it after work doing interval training for another hour. I am telling you my husband and I trained like we were going to be in some kind of competition! And yes, that discipline and consistency was important, but by mid year we needed a break and that break turned into December!! Yikes… This year I know I have to be more steadily consistent with my exercise routine. And I want to enjoy it! By June last year I hated every squat rack I saw, every cardio machine I passed, and if someone said the word CrossFit to me I scowled at them! I am totally going to be tortoise-ing my exercise routine this year and take time to enjoy the benefits and joy exercise is supposed to bring you!

2. Being so focused on perfection you miss out on the joys of progress.  I am a perfectionist. There I said it! Now I am not competitive with others, just myself. I always want to learn everything there is to know about something immediately, I want to do it right after the first few times, and I definitely do not want to have to ask for help!! Want to know how to cure yourself of being a perfectionist? Start a blog and social media account!! Hahahaha!! But I am kind of serious. Starting my blog and instagram has very much shown me that you will not make it in this arena very long if you think it is going to be perfect or easy! I have learned TONS of stuff that I would NEVER have learned if I had not started blogging and using social media, one of which is to enjoy the progress you are making and all the amazing people, places, and skills you are connecting to. This year I will not give up the simple joys and victories I did last year trying to “master and perfect” everything. I will enjoy making my photos better, even if it is just figuring out how to use the stupid timer correctly (LOL!), I will enjoy the people I meet and not compare myself to them but instead enjoy hearing their story, and maybe master asking for help! Baby steps, right!? 2018 is going to be all about the joys of progress not the pains of perfection!!

3. Being fearful of dreaming. I have spent way too much time being fearful of what may happen or worrying about what won’t happen. And what I have discovered after 40+ year of life is that too much fear pretty much kills the ability to dream. The 2 can not exist together long term. Now it is natural to be a bit fearful when you decide to go after your dream. In fact, there is a quote that says, “if you aren’t a bit scared your dream isn’t big enough.” But I am not talking about a bit of healthy, motivating fear. I am talking about the paralyzing kind that keeps you from even being able to figure out what your dream may be or keeps you from even thinking about it anymore. I will be spending 2018 dreaming big my friends! I am not completely sure what my dream looks like yet, but the edges are starting to become clearer. It is ok to not have the whole dream figured out, heck, thinking of all the possibilities is half the fun! That is what dreaming is all about, what could happen when you stop fearing!

Take some time and figure out what your DO NOT REPEAT’s for 2018 are. Cheers to a joy filled and amazing 2018!


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2 thoughts on “DO NOT REPEAT in 2018

  1. I’m not one for making resolutions. I do set goals for myself from time to time, but it’s random throughout the year whenever the need arises. I’m like you as far as being a perfectionist & a bit too self-competitive. I have to consciously remind myself to knock it off…lol! You should stop by the blog and link up this post with the Ageless Style Link Up…it went live Tuesday & it’s still open!

    1. Hey Debbie,
      Yes we are alike! I have to give myself that reminder daily! I will definitely stop by and check up the link up! Thanks for stopping by!

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