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3 Spring Outfits I Love

Spring in the South is so gorgeous and warmer temps have me thinking about spring outfits. Now I like to look at the new season’s trends just as much as the next fashion lover, but the outfits I have fallen in love with so far for spring are not so much “on trend” as they are classic, effortless, and versatile. In fact, some of you probably have some, if not all, these outfits in your closet already.  I have, am ordering, or will be shopping for pretty much each of these outfits in the next few weeks and can not wait to style them myself and see if I still love them as much as the pictures. I love simple and easy outfits any time of the year, but Spring is one of those seasons I really just want to throw something I love on and spend as much time out and about as possible soaking up all the gorgeous weather and blooming trees and flowers!

3 Spring Outfits I Love

1- Lightweight button down shirt, Distressed jeans, Sandals, Straw hat:

Something about this outfit just screams spring simplicity to me. It is so classic, so simple, so completely fabulous! I started crushing on it the moment I saw this picture.


Picture from @jessannkirby


2- Tropical Print Jumpsuit:

I love jumpsuits. They are so easy to wear and instantly make you look put together and chic. A tropical print just screams spring/summer to me. Jumpsuits are a challenge for me since I am very tall so I am still on the hunt for the perfect one in a tropical print. This one from ASOS is one I have my eye on and will probably be ordering very soon if I can not find one I love at stores near me.

Love this jumpsuit from ASOS


3- Long Maxi Dress:

A few springs ago I lived in long maxi dresses. For some reason I stopped wearing them.  I forgot how comfortable and versatile they are especially when transitioning from one season to the next. I forgot that you can easily add a cardigan or denim jacket if it gets cool. Or that you can pair with tennies for errands during the day and slip on some strappy sandals later that evening to go out. This picture from Pinterest reminded me of how much I used to love this simple staple. So I will definitely be reuniting with the long knit maxi this spring! Amazon has some amazing long maxi’s. The prices and style choices are numerous and if you have Prime you could be wearing it by the end of the week!

The most versatile dress!


I bet you have some of these outfits already. I can not wait to shop for and wear these outfits this Spring. I will do an update on if they were as fabulous as I had hoped for!


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