Why Wear Floral Prints?

I ADORE florals!! Springtime is the perfect time to wear floral prints. Well, actually any season is the perfect time for a floral print, in my opinion, but Springtime and a floral print just naturally go hand in hand. It is hard to resist all the fabulous floral prints that are available in stores and online this time of year. I have to practice some serious self control to keep from going floral print crazy and ordering nothing but floral print everything! If you have never tried a floral print I encourage you to give it a try. They add a fabulous feminine touch to your wardrobe and are just so darn pretty!

Here are 3 reasons I adore floral prints:

1- Adds a feminine touch: Just adding one floral piece, such as a top, makes your outfit super feminine and soft. It doesn’t have to be huge flowers or a bold color of floral print to make a statement. I love soft, pastel floral prints! They are so pretty and understated but always give my outfit a feminine feel.


2- Available in a wide choice of styles: Floral prints are available in tops, bottoms, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, shoes, hats, scarves, I could go on and on. Any item of clothing or accessory you can think of probably comes in a floral print option. With so many different choices you can really show off your personal style with a floral print. I like comfortable, effortless, SOFT pieces so a floral dress fits my aesthetic perfectly and I have so many color and floral pattern choices that it is hard for me to pick just one!!


3-  It never goes out of style: Year after year, season after season, floral prints in some form are always present. It is a classic print, right up there with stripes and leopard. I can remember having floral print scrunchies back in the 90’s and floral print Keds and apparently both of those are back in style this season! Don’t be afraid to buy a floral print that you love since you will no doubt be able to wear it over and over without it going out of style. And if a certain type of item does go out of style and you own it in a floral print just hang on to it because I bet ya it will make an appearance again, just like my scrunchies and Keds! Man I wish I still had those floral print Keds! I would so sport them! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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