New York Visual Love Letter

Many things are written about visiting New York. There are whole blogs devoted to sight-seeing in just one neighborhood. I love visiting New York and could make list after list of what to see and what to do. BUT sometimes a picture can convey more than words ever could. CENTRAL PARK and WALKING ALL THE GREAT NEIGHBORHOODS in New York is magical.  I never cease to be inspired, enlightened, and humbled when I visit. The sights, the sounds, the people all combine to keep me coming back again and again, eager to add a new visual to my ongoing  love letter to New York.

These pictures are from our trip in late April 2018. I hope each picture conveys a glimpse into how I view New York in my heart and my mind, without saying a word! If you visit New York I encourage you to take some time and spend it in Central Park and just wandering around the neighborhoods, with no agenda or landmarks to check off a list.  Instead, Just look…

Central Park


Central Park – Japanese Cherry Blossom tree


Central Park


Central Park Daffodils


E 66th St




Upper East Side




Brooklyn Bridge




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