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The Answer is Less: Transitioning to Slow Living & Slow Fashion

I remember when I turned 40 I promised myself that my 40’s were going to be fabulous. I made a list of all the things I wanted to do, see, and accomplish during the next decade. I started setting all these goals and developing elaborate plans and schedules so that I could make sure I could fit it all in. I dove head first into the business of social media, Instagram, and blogging. I was, and am, amazed and humbled, at all the amazing and talented people in the blogging and social media business. BUT, trying to move fast and be like everyone else, I got caught up in shopping for “on trend” new outfits, taking perfect pictures, promoting brands, and obsessing about my follower count and how many likes I was getting. And let me be clear, nothing is really wrong with this. I know lots of truly amazing influencers and bloggers that are running their own business and brand and all those things are part of running their business.

BUT…. trying to do too many things fast and furious isn’t really me.

I was making myself crazy trying to check all these things off my “40 & fabulous” list that I was feeling more overwhelmed than before I turned 40! My desire to spend my 40’s going “guns ablazing” checking off all these things on my “to do” list led me straight to the open arms of slow living. I decided to be quiet and slow down, start to learn how to just BE. Learn how to BE authentically me, learn that if you are overwhelmed the answer is usually, “less.” And in my pursuit on learning more about slow living I was introduced to the topic of fast and slow fashion. Who made my clothes, how are they treated, how does what I wear affect the environment were questions I never ever considered, never even thought to ask honestly. I am at the beginning of my slow living, slow fashion journey. (read volume I of my Thrift Store Chronicles here) I learn something new about the principles of slow living and slow fashion every day. My goals no longer revolve around trying to get more things done or accumulate more stuff, instead I want to do less and have more time to really enjoy and cherish those things I love and that bring me joy. Until I slowed down and started to take time to be still and quiet with myself I wasn’t entirely  sure what I truly loved and enjoyed. Quietness can reveal a wealth of information if you will just slow down and listen. So it is ok if I only do a blog post once a month. It is ok if I only post to Instagram or Facebook when I feel like it or want to share something meaningful to me and not just because I have to post an outfit picture every day to stay relevant to the algorithm. I can simply be free to slow down and be authentically, joyfully, 40 and fabulous me!!

3 things I truly love and now slow down to enjoy:

1- walking through and/or just gazing at an open field

2- watching horses or cows just “do what they do” in an open space

3- wear a super flowy, super feminine dress and go wandering through nature


The dress in these pictures is by Christy Dawn. It is their Autumn dress in Blush Meadow. They only use deadstock fabric; which is the residual fabric left over from major fashion houses. Instead of ending up in a landfill the fabric is re purposed for their collections. Ethical production and quality is a priority at Christy Dawn and they hire the best seamstresses in Los Angeles to make each dress. They receive a competitive wage and health benefits. You can feel all that love and dedication when you wear one of their dresses. Just look at any of their designs, the garments truly speak for themselves! 

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love their dresses and what they stand for!



Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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