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Thrift Store Chronicles: Volume I

I spend a lot of time outdoors in the Spring. Springtime in the South is glorious, and I always enjoy the beauty and splendor of just being outside. But this year going outside for a few hours turned into whole days. Lounging under a huge oak tree in silence and solitude became my greatest joy. And the more time I spent outside observing with my eyes and reveling in the marvelous silence the more I started to hear this inner voice in my head. (And yes, I started acknowledging it and talking back! I can’t be the only one who talks back to themselves am I!?)

And though the voice and I talked about many things in those exquisite days spent outside, 2 words really kept coming up over and over. SLOW and INTENTIONAL kept resonating in my mind, my spirit, even in conversations I had with my husband. These words led me to hours and hours of pondering their meaning, their intention of showing up in my life, and they led me to start learning more about ethical and slow fashion, and boy is there a lot to absorb and learn! Coming across the question,” Who Made Your Clothes?” became very personal for me. The issues and topics surrounding ethical fashion can be very complex and everyone’s journey is different and that is OK, beautiful even. It is not a finger pointing tool used to shame and vilify but to educate, support, and help ALL of us live better lives.

With all that said, one of the things I decided to do was challenge myself to try thrift and/or secondhand shopping for summer pieces. The goal each trip is to spend $20 or less, only buy pieces I like, and be able to make at least 2 outfits with the pieces.  Being that I am a “thrifting” newbie I think I did very well on my first trip. I felt a new sense of inspiration and creativity thrift store shopping that I have not felt for a while and that inner voice whispered, Slow and intentional, right where you need to be Chaundra!”

I am excited to continue my Thrift Store Chronicles throughout the summer! If you have any thrift/secondhand shopping tips leave them below and help a newbie out!

Volume I trip: 

-graphic tee

-black linen shorts

-black sheer chiffon blouse

Total spent: $14.27

I am in love with this “African Ladies” graphic tee! The colors, the image, the material. I was very excited when I found this treasure!


This outfit is my favorite; Stylish and comfortable Throw on and Go!


The black linen shorts can be dressed up or down. They have a great over-sized fit so even dressed up they are extremely comfortable! I will be wearing them A LOT this summer.


I have been wanting to add a sheer chiffon blouse to my closet so I was very happy to find this piece on my first trip!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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