A New Year, A New Place

Moving cross country from Louisiana to Utah was not something we expected to do in 2018. But when God puts an amazing, unexpected opportunity in your path you can either choose to joyfully accept and be grateful or doubt and debate and let the opportunity pass you by. We chose to joyfully accept and be grateful, knowing it is the right choice for our family. As we start 2019 in a new place we have to adjust to everything being new. New climate, new home, new people, new jobs, new routines, new stores…. It is a lot of new! But with everything being new comes the opportunity to really apply what I spent most of last year cultivating, which was slowing down and really enjoying things I loved and intentionally not doing the things I did not. In fact, slowing down and discovering what we really loved and what we wanted our life to look like contributed to joyfully accepting the offer to move to Utah.

I will be carrying a couple of things into 2019 that made a HUGE impact for me in 2018 and I wish I would have started doing 20 years ago!

1- Doing simple things you enjoy often! No excuses, or apologies! Sounds simple, but how many times does guilt or “I need to be doing something” plague you from doing something simple you enjoy? I love to lounge on the couch and read, talk to my daughter who is in China, or simply just sit and think in the stillness of the house. And if I want to sit and stare at the wall for an hour because I enjoy it, SO WHAT, I can!? (And yes, I do this sometimes. My fellow introverts will understand the quiet, wall stare appeal 🙂  Whatever you enjoy, DO IT! And do it OFTEN!! It matters!

2- Surround yourself with things you REALLY love. Last year I spent time learning and educating myself on the concepts, principles, and basics of slow living and slow fashion. I spent time evaluating how I shopped, where I shopped, what I actually used, and what things I REALLY loved and wanted to invest in. This process helped me clear lots of clutter from my mind AND my physical space. There is so much information out there about slow living and slow fashion and I will continue to learn and use these concepts in my life and surroundings!

I wish all of you a Joy Filled 2019!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! xoxo

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