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Still Living SLOW

The older I get the more I realize I really do like simple pleasures. I am content to sit and read, go to a favorite store early to avoid the crowds, binge watch TV, watch the cows out my back window, or have a cup of tea and be still and quiet with my thoughts for awhile. I don’t have to always feel like I need to be doing something or going somewhere. In fact, I love the days when I don’t have to leave my house at all!

A few years ago I spent around 2 years reading and learning about slow and inentional living. So many of the principles and values that make up slow & intentional living I really connected with, and still do. Studying these 2 areas can lead you down a pretty deep and varied rabbit hole and I did have to stop and reasses multiple times to make sure I  didn’t get lost trying to live up to certain ideals that did not make sense for who I am and my lifestyle. Once I realized there was not one perfect way to do things, (and let go of some of my control issues 🙂 I appreicated what I had learned and gained,  a set of tools and strategies that helped me achieve and evaluate how I lived. I continue to learn and practice principles of slow and intentional living and adapt those as I grow and change. Wanting to have more joy and contenment and less guilt and anxiety in my life  started me on my slow and intentional journey almost 5 years ago. I definetly have more joy and less anxiety and more contentment and less guilt these days and loving every slow and intentional moment of it!

4 of my favorite Slow & Intentional ideals:

  1. Find happiness in little things you enjoy.
  2. Design your environment with intention.
  3. Be intentional with your time. Sometimes you need to take a break.
  4. It is ok to say “No” to things you do not enjoy.

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