Content Creation


I specialize in content creation, product styling, managing and consulting social media accounts, and helping your small business or event tell their unique story. I am a Librarian with 15+ years experience in managing information sources, program planning for all ages, event planning, and organizing information that is understandable and usable. I am passionate about helping your business and/or event grow and highlighting the things that make you one-of-a-kind!

Working at the public library for over a decade I know how important it is to build strong communities. Local businesses and events are a big part of building strong communities, but they do not always have the time or resources to build the content they need to compete and get noticed in the global, social media driven world we are in. That is where I can help! I offer reasonable prices, personalized content, and here is the added bonus of having a Librarian on your team….¬† If I do not know, you can believe I will find out! Librarians can not help themselves from finding information!

Contact me at and let’s get started CREATIVELY TELLING YOUR STORY!!

Content Creation examples: (expanded portfolio available upon request)

BRA GENIE- “Bra Sized Swim” campaign

The One Thing You Need for a Spring Staycation

IVORY ELLA– “Good clothes with a Good cause”

STEFANO LUNGO WATCHES- “Changes” campaign¬†